In our universe there are some birds , which are considered a bully and is considered a pest to our environment , as well as pests by farmers who are taking care of their fields . But the birds are also actually has a fairly good singing ability . Although fundamentally sound on some birds are considered unfavorable , but if treated properly and pemasteran , these birds can be a special bird .
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Here are a few pest birds that can speak good
bird life is the most free , because these birds are scattered in all directions over Indonesia , even South-East Asia , to America . It looks like the bird is able to live in any place , in the woods or in the city , temperatures warm or cold temperatures , highlands and lowlands . Sparrows often nest in the eaves of houses , holes in the walls of the house , even nesting on the old clock in the house . A group of birds is usually present every day in the yard , with a chirp sound crowded . At first the bird is considered a bully , because his voice is considered unfavorable . But lately the fans pay more attention to the presence of bird watching this carefully . Trying to collect some of these birds to be used as a master for birds that are prepared in the contest . It turned out that the sound of birds in each contest this church , can compete with the sound Lovebird masteran , Crickets , Cililin , Walnuts , Grasshopper Leaf , Cucak Beard , Syringes and others. Although for fans sound sparrow is considered a middle sequence of sounds called earlier masters .
A bird enthusiast ever tried to train this bird since the lolohan , dimaster with canary voice . As a result , so this bird was a teenager , had been able to play a sound walnut fluently , even with the volume thicker than a walnut . The next bird that at first the Church there was virtually no hanganya `s also got got a bid of 1 million dollars .
Sparrow ( Emprit )
This is one bird that is an enemy of the farmer . These birds often become a nuisance because of its invasion of the rice plants in the paddy fields . To the extent that farmers made ​​scarecrows to chase away the birds , and many were shooting at birds with a pellet gun .
This bird has a sound basis , just " tit tit tit " , which is certainly less interesting as it sounds . But apparently these birds make birds attracted some fans , to try dimaster . From lolohan , bird chicks has been dimaster with Walnuts and sound masteran Blacktroath , poorer birds can also catch the masteran voices . After adolescence adulthood , this Pipit bird was able to bring the voice of Blacktroath Walnuts and eloquently , with a sharp voice . Surprisingly, it turns out this bird also got an offer from the other bird enthusiasts at a price that is not cheap .
bird Wren
in the wild also got the title as the " enemy of farmers " , as with the birds Pipit barrage of attacks to the paddy fields in rural communities . So farmers are often overwhelmed by the Wren bird .
But for fans of the bird , the bird teryata were not spared to be used as guinea pigs to be transformed into a bird special. From the tiller lolohan already filled ( dimaster ) with a variety of bird sounds , like the sound of walnuts , prenjak and others. Not infrequently some of them managed to polish it into a bird bird special which brought the songs with a beautiful walnut .
Birds Kutilang
including free-living birds in nature . For fans of the contest birds chirping , the sound of birds is considered annoying and can ruin the sound of birds mainstay of their contest . According to bird enthusiasts , he said , the sound of this bird gets the value of ` death ` , when the bird was rung bird race ( contest sounds of birds ) . Ever tried to conjure up some bird enthusiasts Kutilang birds become privileged bird , the bird is trying memaster of ` tiller ` , even of ` piyik ` , had played with the voices masteran are considered good . In adolescence adulthood , it turns out this bird was able to imitate the sounds of birds are considered special masteran . But by the time the bird adulthood , and hung outside the house , heard the singing of the birds chirping Kutilang wild nature around the house , then all that has been recorded voice masteran Kutilang pet bird is also ` gone missing ` , and return to sound original , ie ` sound Kutilang ` . So for fans of the bird , the bird Kutilang was ruled out and set aside , because it is considered as the birds ` forgetful ` .
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This is one of the wild birds , which often drifts in nature , ranging from forests to urban . These birds like to nest in large buildings and high . Swallow this for the population considered as a nuisance bird , because the bird droppings are often settled in any place , such as on the roof of the house , the yard, even the clothes on a clothesline . But for fans of the birds , the sound of birds` is actually a unique voice , and is considered to be an important voice ` master ` for the birds who are prepared to contest the race birds . Only if the bird is kept in a cage , the birds tend to be quiet and barely reads .


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Birds ciblek course, already familiar to fans of the bird , as the development trend teknoligi to obtain information about the bird can be very easy ciblek especially with the popularity of bird is currently much in gandrungi . proper understanding of the treatment can facilitate you to become a master of birds chirping .
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The question is how do I sound so diligent bird ciblek aka gacor ? , Of course, it has become a destination you read the article on the site sederhanan ciblek care of this . tips to know you do not need to spend a lot of money because these tips can you imposition regularly at home . Both the daily maintenance before you enter a contest or birds .
birds Ciblek
Being a nice thing your pet bird wins role in the contest that will follow ,
not only because of his champion bird price but you can jump ( expensive ) . this is what you get if your bird maintenance properly, it is becoming very important for your pet bird is physically Events should always fit . Do not forget the birds sangakar you try to always keep it clean so as not to invite penyak for your pet bird .
Below ciblek bird care tips you can do setaip moment . pay attention and when you read it carefully so that no one in his understanding .
Give dining that can be given to birds ciblek like crickets do not forget to cut the head , legs sayapnyadan
Give caterpillar or worm type hongkong cage is not a problem to the caterpillar kandangt taidak problem
Give Kroto regularly do not forget to give a soft voer ang added with milk powder
In the daily care uutuk -old usually the chirping of mania tips as follows .
At the time of the morning gave 3 tail crickets and in the afternoon on a regular basis .
Give caterpillars hongkong after dibersikan head tail number 3 in the morning and afternoon
Kroto should provide 2x or 3x in 1 week 1 week .
Voer given voer soft and combined with milk powder .
Drying at least 2 s / d 3 hours a day - day .
bonding with the female bird / young bird maxsimal 2 times 1 week throughout - 2 hours , to hone his mental . ( Read: ciblek gacor )
So hopefully you bring benefits to all .

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In office when his friend used to cultivate bird free love bird or labed , many birds of this type of green that behavior up to one million . he said to sires reached 700 thousand dollars . for membudidayakanya it easy but to rather difficult.Because memasangkanya it is different from the cock bird living in the united cock cock humiliation of women and men . but if these birds are already in the mix despite many days between men and women that do not mate so will not produce eggs .. , maybe he wears the love and feeling awkward clumsy yes if you want ...
( ` _ ` )
How to Distinguish Sex Bird Love Bird
For a beginner like me to distinguish between male gender and the woman was very hard to karen small size adds to distress . some tips to distinguish the sex of the bird and pick lovebird lovebird birds that mate .
From the shape of the body
To shape the female love bird birds usually have a stocky body and heavier than the males , but this criterion is not always right , because it is not uncommon female love bird is much smaller .
From the way the roost
For the love bird perched upon females usually have a distance between the feet wider than the male bird love bird
Of coat color
For coat color can also be used as a way to distinguish the sex of the birds love bird is usually for male fur color brighter than the females .
Forms of Tails
To form males are usually more pointed than females who tend to have a more flat tail .
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In this way the male love bird can be seen by looking at the base to the tip of the tapered shape while females between widening base to the tip over sideways , this can usually look at the age of 3 to 4 months .
Of building a nest
Usually that often make the female love bird nest is , by taking the branches of wood to be used as a nest , while the jantang tend to only feed him .

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Approximately 18 cm . The top of the blue a bit darker ; the bottom of bluish gray paler . Circle - eye whitish .
Additional Info
Latin Name : Eutrichomyias rowleyi
English Name : Paradise - flycatcher Caerulean
Indonesian Name : Seriwang Sangihe
Altitude : 425-650 m
Endemic : Sulawesi
Country Endemic : Yes
Distribution : Sulawesi
IUCN Status : CR
Year of Status : 2011
Protected Areas : Yes
Restricted Range Species : Yes
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Identification: Approximately 18 cm . The top of the blue a bit darker ; the bottom of bluish gray paler . Circle - eye whitish .
Voice : The voice that issued including tuk tone hardware , a step ? .. Step very loud , distinctive sound and chew ... chew ... chew hard .
Habit : insectivorous birds , resident in primary forest on steep valleys high and the valley floor bersungai . The observation was also made ​​in the bush close to the ridge of the hill is steep forested streams . Foraging in the canopy and subkanopi tall trees approximately 15 m , but also down to find food in the bottom layer . Captured prey while flying .
Global Distribution : Endemic in Sangihe ( a small island in the northern part of Sulawesi ) . Was found back in 1998 .
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Local Distribution : Endemic in Sangihe
Habitat : primary forest , steep valley slopes and valley bottoms with river
Threats : the conversion to agriculture


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