Easy way to change the password gmail Google - Once you make gmail course you want that your account is safe from the reach of the breaker of data out there . Actually there is no way that 100 % works for this one problem , but one thing we can do is to regularly change passwords .
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It should be noted that the password had been used already will not be used again . So you should always record the last used password . Password chosen should also a secure password . The criteria of a secure password itself, among others :
The number of characters that more and more will be better
If the can is a combination of numbers and alphabets
Alphabet should consist of lowercase and capital letters
How to Change Password Gmail ( GOOGLE )
Now go to your account settings page .
In the left sidebar click SECURITY
You will see a Change Password button on the top of the page . Please clicked .
You will be prompted to enter your current password , the new password , and confirm a new password
Furthermore, just click the CHANGE PASSWORD and your password will be changed .
Tips for a password or security password is :
If you use a personal computer , then let the browser store your password data for that page . So that later you do not need to type your password and spied by a spy from afar .... ( Read: cara membuat email melalui yahoo )
If you do not want to store your passwords in a browser , then save your passwords in a notepad in flash , so you just do a copy and paste into the password field when accessing your passwords on a public computer .
Ok , it`s only once .... but it`s good to change your password besides also enable two- step verification ( click the link ) to prevent your account hijacked easily by people who are not responsible .

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Motorola Allegedly Being Working on LTE and Moto Moto G G Ferrari
Moto G is the most successful smartphone ever in the history of the company Motorola , RAZR models released after mid -year 2003. Cheap price make initial stock Moto G sold out only a short time . The success of this smartphone then popped rumors replacement called Moto Moto G E. Not only one , it seems Motorola Moto G will expand the lineup with multiple variants at once .
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According to the website pages Xataka in Mexico ( 19/04/2014 ) , the upcoming smartphone in labeled derivative Moto Moto G G LTE and Ferrari . The first product designations are pretty obvious because it`s basically going to be the motto of the G with LTE connectivity , a feature that is not currently available on the device . Possible side other hardware will remain the same as the original version , including the 4.5 -inch screen ( 720p resolution ) , 1GB of RAM , and a quad - core 1.2GHz Snapdragon 400 speed . You can imagine how much more popular when the G Moto handset is equipped with 4G LTE technology .
Moto G LTE is rumored to only be available in a choice of 16GB of internal storage . In fact , the original G Moto comes in 8GB and 16GB variants . LTE -capable version is allegedly going to sell for around the price of U.S. $ 260 (Rp 2.8 million ) in Mexico , to be released in June .
Next up is the motto G Ferrari . Behind the name itself is actually quite clear . We can only assume that the motto of the G Ferrari is a collaboration between Motorola and Ferrari again . Previously , the company had been released the Motorola i897 Ferrari Special Edition .
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Motorola i897 comes in red and black color combination . This smartphone also show the sports car manufacturer`s logo on the front and rear . The assumption , could be Moto G Ferrari wrapped in red with a yellow horse logo .
Considering there is no confirmation , we have to wait until Motorola introduces two versions of this smartphone is officially on the world market .

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PT Speedup Speedup Technology announces SmartWatch launch in Indonesia . Speedup SmartWatch is the latest innovation in the form of a revolutionary wearable device with a color touch screen that is positioned as the first companion of your smartphone . SmartWatch first launched at the prestigious event Mobile World Congress on February 24, 2014 in Barcelona , Spain .
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Rahmat Widjaja Sakti , Director of Product and Marketing Speedup , said "One of our main priorities in 2014 is to create wearable technology that is innovative , futuristic and practical with a long battery life , so we chose MIPS -based processor by Imagination low power and full support Android by Google . We are very proud of this achievement , which deliver the world`s first SmartWatch with Android OS 4.4 . KitKat at the beginning of this year . with its unique design and attractive , we believe customers will be excited to have this SmartWatch , a significant milestone for our entered the market in wearable technology " .
Speedup SmartWatch is the first wearable technology promoted by speedup . This product is designed with unique functions and features to make people stay connected with the smartphone whenever and wherever , with a display screen 1:54 "made of full tempered glass multitouch display , IP57 Water Resistant technology , and low-power MIPS-based CPU by imagination that makes this SmartWatch very efficient , with the latest Android operating system from Google , Android 4.4 . Kitkat . therefore , the Indonesian Record Museum ( MURI ) awarded vendor creations as " First Smartwatch with Android 4.4 operating system . Kitkat " .
In addition to common functions such as display time , calendar , alarm , timer and weather , SmartWatch has the main features , namely the Push Notification feature through a downloadable application on Google Play Store , Samsung Apps , LG Smart World , Nokia X Store and Apple`s App Store (coming soon ) , through the latest version 4.0 Bluetooth connection . Low Energy . This feature allows all users to stay connected with the smartphone . Users can get notifications for incoming calls , SMS , E - mail , chat applications such as BBM , WhatsApp or LINE , and social media applications like Facebook and Twitter quickly .
SmartWatch is very supportive of a healthy lifestyle that today`s modern society becomes more attention . Features Fitness Tracker will automatically measure the fitness statistics such as the number of steps , distance , and calories directly from the SmartWatch , as well as statistical analyzes through daily , weekly and monthly . In addition , smart watches also features Sleep , which can calculate the quality of sleep ; how much total time of sleep, light sleep , deep sleep , and awake , also directly through the SmartWatch .
Speedup smart timepiece provides 14 watch face , among others, Digital , Analog , Antique , Roman , Midnight , etc. , which make the user as having a 14 -hour time display is different as according keinginannya.Tidak less interesting is the Find My Phone feature , which allows users to easy to find a smartphone by sending notification to activate the ringtone or vibration from a distance . Another feature is the Music Controller to play and control music directly from the player in the smartphone SmartWatch , Voice Recorder feature to record conversations directly from SmartWatch , also features Internal Storage to store up to 2 GB of music files that can be heard directly through the SmartWatch .
Typhoon Wijaya Sakti Speedup as Director of Sales said , " Before the official launch in Indonesia , Speedup SmartWatch has been successfully sold in the pre-order program for the first phase of the global market at the end of February, followed by a second stage of pre-orders for the Indonesian market that goes up to 13 April 2014 in collaboration with 15 partners online " .
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In addition to the traditional stores , Speedup SmartWatch is also available in stores retailer of smartphones . " To facilitate the user to get this futuristic wearable device , we work with partners smartphones retailers such as Carrefour , Pazia , Oke Shop , phone centers , and Mobile Phones Shop . We are confident to target the upper middle segment that is very concerned with lifestyle and connectivity , ie 60 % men and 40 % of women in the reproductive age of 20-30 years as a major market SmartWatch speedup " , added hurricane.
Speedup SmartWatch will be sold in the market at a price of R1 , 5 million, which can also be obtained through online sales partners .

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Google reportedly registered a patent for a technology that is embedded camera ( built -in ) to the contact lens in the eye , as quoted from Softpedia .
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Previously , Google has also been successfully developed contact lenses for people with diabetes . Contact lenses for diabetics will notify the user , on the condition of real time their blood sugar levels . This greatly helps people with diabetes to keep blood sugar levels stable rather not soaring , and minimize the use of insulin , and keeps blood tests are conventionally via needle puncture .
This time , instead of a sensor to measure glucose levels . However, Google has developed a micro camera technology in contact lenses . Small camera in the contact lens can help track and generate image data corresponding to the scene or its gaze . This means that if the wearer look at a certain point in the other direction , the contact lens will follow the paradigm shift that enables to actually see what others see .
File indicates that the image data can be processed to detect light , color , pattern color , face , motion , or other types of the same data . And keep in mind , people will never know you `re recording or snapped an object through a camera embedded in the contact lens .
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With the filing of this patent , many people who say that Google will take an increasingly intense controversy , after a new round of Google Glass .

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