For bird lovers , the Village Awi relief in Sukamulya , Soreang , Bandung , West Java , has long been known as a center of manufacturing bird cages have high quality and antirayap .
( Read: model sangkar burung terbaru ) In fact, make a bird cage for the people of the village had become a livelihood for generations. No wonder when people from children to adults have the expertise to make a bird cage . Such observations Penta, recently . Opih bird cage is a craftsman who has menggeluti efforts since the 1960s . Skills possessed inherited from her parents . According Opih , to make a bird cage , it brought a rope and bamboo raw material bamboo Gombong from Ciwidey district , Bandung regency .
Before processing a bird cage , said Opih , bamboo 10 to 15 centimeters in diameter with a length of three meters soaked for a month . Furthermore, bamboo is dried by means of ventilated for two weeks. To use the bamboo mat Gombong .
While bamboo rope used to grate the nest. According Opih , the day it is capable of producing around ten bird cage . Cage is not yet rated paint , painting , or accessories sold to the city at Rp 15 thousand per fruit . Further, bandarlah that will give the paint , painting , or other accessories and sell the bird cage Rp50 thousand per fruit .( Read: harga sangkar ukir )

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The initial step is to prepare the cultivation Kroto rack or cage and nest jars . Once the nest jars ready , the next is hunting in the wild nest Kroto , after we get the nest Kroto , the next step is to move the nest Kroto of nature into an artificial nest in the form of a jar .( Read: kroto untuk kenari )
There are two way that we can do to Move Kroto nest to nest Jar :
Here`s 2 Ways Moving nests Kroto to Jar :
Using a tub to wash clothes large
Natural nests laid directly into the rack or enclosure
The first :
Kroto move the nest to the jar using the tub to wash clothes is great .
Prepare a large tub , coat the inside of the tub with starch or tapioca starch which aims to prevent weaver ants crawling up and out , with tapioca flour ants can not climb out because of slippery .
Discard or clean up all the leaves and twigs of trees
Once clean and the only remaining weaver ants and Kroto , then insert it into the jar by means of a cast .
Note : to avoid the weaver ant bites when cleaning leaves , coat your hands with flour .
The second :
Move the nest Kroto natural nests laid directly to the rack or enclosure which contains a jar as an artificial nest . The second way is very easy , we are not at risk of weaver ant bites . In order Kroto weaver ants and quickly got into an artificial nest and adapt , we must discard the leaves one by one slowly , might as well get a clean or a bit - by- bit while waiting for the leaves to wither and dry , making it easy to clean .
( Read: cara ternak kroto )

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How to Make a Twitter Follow Button - On this sunny day, since I also have free time so I`d better use to update a post. On this occasion I will share about how to create a twitter follow button, what is it? It is a switch that connects to the twitter account of course, where the aim is for a lot of people who are interested to follow our twitter.
Okay, than I eventually typed and confused what is going on talking. You`d better see tutorial how to make twitter directly follow the following button:
( Read: cara membuat akun twitter )
1. Login to blogger.com using your account.
2. Go to the "Layout".
3. Click "Add a Gadget".
5. Script Then enter the following code:


( Read: cara membuat twitter baru )

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