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Google is reportedly working on a project called Project Tango . This project will create a tablet that is born from the initiative of computer vision which combines several advanced 3D imaging sensors to a portable device in real time . daftar harga hp

Reporting from AppleInsider , the internet search giant is continuing research into computer vision technology with the creation of a 7 inch tablet with two rear-facing camera , infrared depth sensor and customized software in it .

As a speaker at Google, said that Google began producing prototypes 4,000 units in June 2014.

The tablet seems to have the same imaging hardware or similar to the version of the smartphone , which comes with a regular camera mounted near the top of the handset , motion-sensing camera positioned opposite and integrated sensor mounted between the two.

It is not known what type of CPU that will be used by the tablet , but Google offers two main features of the processor on this tablet with high quality and 3D imaging sensors to see a wide variety of objects in three- dimensional format .

Project Tango webpage I noted sensor " suite " allows the tablet to make more than a quarter million 3D measurements every second , which then update the position and orientation in real-time combine the data into a single 3D model in the scene around you . This application is very useful for navigation for users who experience vision problems , and to immersive augmented reality games .

Google plans to release tablets before Google I / O , which began on June 25, 2014 . So far Google has not given specification of the details , price , and availability of the Tango Project tablet . harga hp samsung

Dikirim pada 24 Mei 2014 di Teknologi
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