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How to Make a New Facebook Account / How to Register Fb 2014 - Facebook is one of the most popular social media today . Mark artificial Zuckenberg website also has skyrocketed from a simple website to become standings while listing websites based on Alexa rank . This is reasonable only natural , because it has become the opiate facebook for nearly all societies around the world , including in Indonesia.

With the development of Internet and Internet programs increasingly genncarnya enter the village . Facebook is one of the famous social media among the general public . In addition to communicating with each other , facebook also provide ease of use . So it does not take long for facebook to get the user to reach the billions .

How to Make a New Facebook Account / How to Register Fb 2014

In addition , with the internet in the countryside . This makes some of the villagers are looking for information about how to create a new facebook account to communicate with friends and family who have first have a facebook . To that end , here I will give a brief tutorial for those who really want to know how to create a new facebook account in 2014.
1 . Preparing to Make a New Facebook Account

Before creating a new facebook account , you must have a previous email first . For those of you who already have , please direct them to the next stage . For those who have not , please read this article :

How to Make Email in Gmail

If your email is so, please go to the next stage
2 . How to Make a New Facebook Account

Please login first to sites www.facebook.com

After that , please fill out the form on the front page of facebook .
Formnya display is as follows :

Form how to create a facebook account

Description charging :
Fill in the appropriate First Name = your first name
Last Name = Fill in the appropriate family name
Fill in your email = email in accordance with the tool you have created
Re- enter Email = Fill back with your email address
New Password = Fill in the password you want . Use the password is a mix of letters and numbers . Try not to use the name and date of birth , because it is usually easily broken people who are not responsible .
Date of Birth = Fill in the date of your birth
Sex = Pilihklah according to your gender

If you have already filled the form , please click the " Sign Up " at the bottom of the form . My advice , if you want to make a facebook , use your original data yourself , because if you only use fake data ( especially the name ) then your account could have been deleted by facebook .
3 . Way Facebook Account Settings

After clicking the " Sign Up " , you will be taken to the next page .

The new page will appear in some of the following :

Step 1 - Find a friend in our email list
Step 2 - Fill out the name of the school and college , work address , home address , etc.
Step 3 - Uploading a photo or avatar

For steps 1 and 2 , can you pass first . For the third step , please upload a photo or avatar. My advice , upload the same photo with a photo on the avatar email . After that press the " Save and Continue " .
4 . Way Confirmation Facebook Account

After uploading an avatar , you will enter the next page and there is a request for a confirmation email at the top .

After that , please enter your email kun circumstances , for example at www.gmail.com . Enter your email address and your email password . Then go to the inbox for an email from facebook .

Open the email and click the button that says " Confirm Your Account " . This will open a facebook page again .

Facebook account you 've finished , it's just still need some more settings such as account settings , privacy , and also cover . But this does not have you do now . Gradually you can do the activity settings in facebook .

( Read: membuat facebook baru )

My advice , if you have a friend who already has a facebook . It would be better if you ask the help of your friend while learning how to manufacture and also settings in facebook .

Thus from my article on How to Make a New Facebook Account / How to Register Fb 2014. Thank you and hopefully useful .

Dikirim pada 23 Mei 2014 di Teknologi
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