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For bird lovers , the Village Awi relief in Sukamulya , Soreang , Bandung , West Java , has long been known as a center of manufacturing bird cages have high quality and antirayap .

( Read: model sangkar burung terbaru ) In fact, make a bird cage for the people of the village had become a livelihood for generations. No wonder when people from children to adults have the expertise to make a bird cage . Such observations Penta, recently . Opih bird cage is a craftsman who has menggeluti efforts since the 1960s . Skills possessed inherited from her parents . According Opih , to make a bird cage , it brought a rope and bamboo raw material bamboo Gombong from Ciwidey district , Bandung regency .

Before processing a bird cage , said Opih , bamboo 10 to 15 centimeters in diameter with a length of three meters soaked for a month . Furthermore, bamboo is dried by means of ventilated for two weeks. To use the bamboo mat Gombong .

While bamboo rope used to grate the nest. According Opih , the day it is capable of producing around ten bird cage . Cage is not yet rated paint , painting , or accessories sold to the city at Rp 15 thousand per fruit . Further, bandarlah that will give the paint , painting , or other accessories and sell the bird cage Rp50 thousand per fruit .( Read: harga sangkar ukir )

Dikirim pada 23 Mei 2014 di Teknologi
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