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Many fans is not just a hobby birds chirping bird preserve at home but also there are indeed conditioned birds lombakan booms to participate in , be it just a fad - a fad or a chirping among Mania Prestice to boost the selling price of the bird .

It should be understood that the birds will be brought into the arena of combat in the field must be considered in detail , and we have to really pay attention to the quality of our birds , either mental , volume , style , physical , and variations chatter , not rare bird that has to look good be cranky when he got home field , can also cause physical and mental factor is less prepared and some non- technical terms .

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Following the bird to the birds chirping in the race , we have to know the quality of mental , physical sound or volume and our birds and do not follow our desires because we are not competing but our birds , our birds usually chirp if the home diligent and look vit but so down in racetrack instead fizzled cracker rich do not want a fighter or not working in the field , so many things experienced by the whole bird contestant , may be it is because of the lack of specific preparation , which in turn makes us very disappointed .

There are at least a few things to consider when we are going to involve us into the arena of birds that mental state bird and stable performance when he got in the field , such as :
Prepare the bird to be contested approximately 2-1 weeks training the birds are not taken or the like , or be reconciled with the opposite sex , but 2-3 days before the race should be brought closer to the females if his suit like that ( usually bird red anise ) .
Often dikerodong / cloth cage cover and may be opened as needed such as bathing and drying gave it food .
Shortly before departing from home to the arena , the bird is given a fresh and natural foods such as ant eggs ( Kroto ) , or fresh fruits such as apples , papaya , pear , banana . ( For Kroto administration should be given before the next 4-5 down the field on a regular basis and do not give enough there's nothing left in the cage , because Kroto or food left can cause rot ) .
Before leaving , spray or spray the bird enough so the bird does not overheat and will stay fresh .
Bird cage with a lid tightly on the way krodong ( krodong / cloth cage cover ) must be fitted with cage size , not too big .
For close race distance of less than 2 hours drive birds do not need to be given anti stress , but if the trip menumpuh more than 3 to 7 hours of required anti- stress medicine about 2-3 days before departure .

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Birds sebaiknnya already arrived at the location of the race, more or less 2 hours before the race starts so that the birds do not experience stress or shock, the reason that the bird calm and rest after the journey beforehand .
Save our birds and bushels when he got the location to look for the shade and away from birds other race , and krodong partially opened immediately so that the bird can breathe fresh air again .
Give Kroto or crickets and caterpillars hongkong accordance with the menu and the food so fresh bird back .
I have enough to share the info to the lovers of birds chirping , I think the tips above can be used if the bird you want to follow the race , this is just simply sharing that might be a benefit for the bird enthusiast in Indonesia , and above shortcomings please understandable .

Dikirim pada 21 Mei 2014 di Lifestyle
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