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Tips and tricks to keep birds pentet time or , cendet or toet or also called avian or bird pigeon predators so various types of time determining rawatannya .

Step cendet to diligently protect birds chirping various types , according to the confidence and trust of each bird chirping hobbies .( Read: harga burung pentet )

Cendet the paddy birds that can mimic other types of birds , because it can be dubbed pentet predatory birds or bird paddy highly intelligent , original sound if the bird is not feeling heard , but if the bird has been or dimaster with the quality birds pentet birds can be heard more delicious and clever rendition chirp classy too .

Memaster bird cendet / pentet or toet is very suitable that cucak beard , Cililin , lovebird , ciblek , walnuts , church or starlings fighting suren , crickets and grasshoppers , birds pentet if this has been good at imitating the master bird pentet no wonder this bird has a price that was fantastic .

Here are some simple tips or tricks that bird pentet or cendet or toet diligent and good at imitating the sound of chirping birds other types .
07 o'clock in the morning . Aerated 00 birds on the porch . 07 hours . 30th bird bath ( bath or spray cage , depending on the habits of each bird ) .
Clean the cage daily . Change or add voer and drinking water .
Give crickets 4 tails on ef tube . Do not get used to give crickets immediately in birds .
Drying can be handled for 1-2 hours / day starting at 08 . 00-11 . 00 . During drying , the birds should not look similar birds .
Once dried , winds back the bird diteras for 10 minutes , then cage dikerodong .
During the day until the evening ( hours 10 . 00-15 . 00 ) birds can be a master or master with the sound of birds master .
15 hours . Aerated 30 birds back diteras , can be washed if necessary .
Give 2 tailed crickets in the tube ef .
18 hours . Dikerodong and 00 bird back perdengarkan master during live voice rest until the next morning . ( Read: suara burung pentet )
Tips on Choosing a Food for Birds Cendet

Kroto 1 tablespoon fresh awarded a maximum of 2x 1 week .
Giving tail worm given 1 2x 1 week .
Give multivitamins combined in drinking water 1 week only.

Dikirim pada 17 Mei 2014 di Lifestyle
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