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Bird kacer is one type of bird that much demand . This is because the booms beautiful , contrasting fur colors and easy care . But there is one problem that often arises , namely : mbedhesi / mbagong / sea horse .

Here Tips2 to overcome .

Mbagong / mbedhesi / nangkur / sea horse etc that term for a type of disease kacer . Kacer formed as sea horses , fur standing ( shudder ) accompanied by the sound of " ter ... Ter ... ter ... " usually this nature will arise if the opponent kacer see , hear sounds of other birds , and so on .

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Most kacer cumbersome and it can not be denied because of the innate nature . Kacer birds can assure dah nice things on the field in passing race weve not cumbersome but try daily ihat he should have the opportunity to cumbersome , cuman most important is locking in the field of care and should be extra tight .

Birds cumbersome kacer there are various causes :

* Innate aspect : There are birds in terms of innate Weve already often cumbersome , so this bird had no expectations for the race or for a more polished , as it will not reap good results . Suggestion selling it to the market .

* Aspects of care : Is it right to maintain, for example, bathing , drying plus extra fooding . Most kacer cumbersome because of wrong treatment . Kacer heat like the bird feeding as Kroto was little, if no interval of 2 days . It aims to curb excessive carnal desires due to the nature of the bird is kacer fighter . It is expected that the provision of hose Kroto 2 days to get the bird to stay fit in the alias field was not deflated in the middle of the road . Advice , birds kacer better fed crickets wrote about 10 to 20 a day because the crickets in the body is cold and clear up the sound plus power potential .

Pembutian extra Kroto mostly birds or crickets difference . Birds eat a lot more lust Kroto and most cumbersome . If birds eat crickets and birds strong power diplangkringan aka diem work and calm but not deflated .

Problem because the bath just once a day when most of the bird bath will invite lust and wild boar and birds often " discriminated " ( taking care of his feathers ) as our sun .

Drying bird kacer
Old dried is okay as it aims to establish and train the body breath so as not susceptible to disease . For about 3 hours maximum drying . By reason of birds so it does not have to stay long since dried again later if the field would quickly run out of energy, then the bird kerodong only so many breaks that later fit in the field .

How to overcome kacer mbagong

How to overcome kacer mbagong / mbedhesi / sea horse with principles like my friends also say " subtract taste of lust " , namely by :
Reduce / eliminate while giving extra - fooding , aka give everyday foods with voor alone .
Expand hours of hanging diterik sun and do not wait until lemes ( entar dead ... sorry khan .. )
Reduce the bath , if necessary, once a week baseball anything .
Add drops of vitamins in the drinking water ( according to the rules dikemasan )
Having recently lost our bagong love his little ef - bit , not too much can cepet relapse .
Kacer was no easy mbagong recover some are difficult to cure , try to paste a fellow kacer already road again to finish without mbagong .

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In conclusion, if we mbagong kacer essentially restored by improving mental . Tearing other birds that he was afraid and made ​​as comfortable as possible kacer for daily maintenance in will make it recover faster . Another thing we 've mbagong when kacer of bawaanya difficult to cure .

Dikirim pada 03 Mei 2014 di Lifestyle
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