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Defecation lime disease usually attacks various species of birds and poultry . The disease is also known as Salmonellosis or pullorum disease . The reason is that Salmonella pullorum has subjugate the digestive tract of a bird . Disease that often affects the chirping of birds is a contagious disease .

As for the signs of the birds that have been infected with this bacterium can be seen from the shape of the liquid manure and white chalk .( Read: penyakit burung perkutut ). Other symptoms are caused by decreased appetite , which often developed feathers and bird droppings are always difficult throw .

There is no treatment that can cure the disease directly defecation lime , but because it is able to infect other birds or poultry , and even humans, the way out is to be taken is to eliminate infected birds or separate it from the presence of other birds ( quarantined ) to be given antibiotics , but the use of these drugs would not be indiscriminate because it can be fatal .

This can be done by the pemilk birds and poultry is to prevent the emergence of these bacteria , in particular by :
Maintain cleanliness of the cage , eating well and drinking places . Cage can be cleaned using appropriate disinfectant . Disinfectants such as FreshAves shown to eradicate bacteria , lice and mites that hide in the crevices of the cage .
Noting the expired limits of feed given ( voer ) , and avoid giving voer feed moldy or too long kept in an open state .( Read: penyakit burung dara )

Hopefully useful and chirping Greetings !

Dikirim pada 02 Mei 2014 di Lifestyle
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