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Easy way to change the password gmail Google - Once you make gmail course you want that your account is safe from the reach of the breaker of data out there . Actually there is no way that 100 % works for this one problem , but one thing we can do is to regularly change passwords .

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It should be noted that the password had been used already will not be used again . So you should always record the last used password . Password chosen should also a secure password . The criteria of a secure password itself, among others :
The number of characters that more and more will be better
If the can is a combination of numbers and alphabets
Alphabet should consist of lowercase and capital letters

How to Change Password Gmail ( GOOGLE )
Now go to your account settings page .
In the left sidebar click SECURITY
You will see a Change Password button on the top of the page . Please clicked .
You will be prompted to enter your current password , the new password , and confirm a new password
Furthermore, just click the CHANGE PASSWORD and your password will be changed .

Tips for a password or security password is :
If you use a personal computer , then let the browser store your password data for that page . So that later you do not need to type your password and spied by a spy from afar .... ( Read: cara membuat email melalui yahoo )
If you do not want to store your passwords in a browser , then save your passwords in a notepad in flash , so you just do a copy and paste into the password field when accessing your passwords on a public computer .

Ok , it's only once .... but it's good to change your password besides also enable two- step verification ( click the link ) to prevent your account hijacked easily by people who are not responsible .

Dikirim pada 28 April 2014 di Teknologi
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