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In our universe there are some birds , which are considered a bully and is considered a pest to our environment , as well as pests by farmers who are taking care of their fields . But the birds are also actually has a fairly good singing ability . Although fundamentally sound on some birds are considered unfavorable , but if treated properly and pemasteran , these birds can be a special bird .

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Here are a few pest birds that can speak good

bird life is the most free , because these birds are scattered in all directions over Indonesia , even South-East Asia , to America . It looks like the bird is able to live in any place , in the woods or in the city , temperatures warm or cold temperatures , highlands and lowlands . Sparrows often nest in the eaves of houses , holes in the walls of the house , even nesting on the old clock in the house . A group of birds is usually present every day in the yard , with a chirp sound crowded . At first the bird is considered a bully , because his voice is considered unfavorable . But lately the fans pay more attention to the presence of bird watching this carefully . Trying to collect some of these birds to be used as a master for birds that are prepared in the contest . It turned out that the sound of birds in each contest this church , can compete with the sound Lovebird masteran , Crickets , Cililin , Walnuts , Grasshopper Leaf , Cucak Beard , Syringes and others. Although for fans sound sparrow is considered a middle sequence of sounds called earlier masters .
A bird enthusiast ever tried to train this bird since the lolohan , dimaster with canary voice . As a result , so this bird was a teenager , had been able to play a sound walnut fluently , even with the volume thicker than a walnut . The next bird that at first the Church there was virtually no hanganya 's also got got a bid of 1 million dollars .

Sparrow ( Emprit )
This is one bird that is an enemy of the farmer . These birds often become a nuisance because of its invasion of the rice plants in the paddy fields . To the extent that farmers made ​​scarecrows to chase away the birds , and many were shooting at birds with a pellet gun .

This bird has a sound basis , just " tit tit tit " , which is certainly less interesting as it sounds . But apparently these birds make birds attracted some fans , to try dimaster . From lolohan , bird chicks has been dimaster with Walnuts and sound masteran Blacktroath , poorer birds can also catch the masteran voices . After adolescence adulthood , this Pipit bird was able to bring the voice of Blacktroath Walnuts and eloquently , with a sharp voice . Surprisingly, it turns out this bird also got an offer from the other bird enthusiasts at a price that is not cheap .

bird Wren
in the wild also got the title as the " enemy of farmers " , as with the birds Pipit barrage of attacks to the paddy fields in rural communities . So farmers are often overwhelmed by the Wren bird .
But for fans of the bird , the bird teryata were not spared to be used as guinea pigs to be transformed into a bird special. From the tiller lolohan already filled ( dimaster ) with a variety of bird sounds , like the sound of walnuts , prenjak and others. Not infrequently some of them managed to polish it into a bird bird special which brought the songs with a beautiful walnut .

Birds Kutilang
including free-living birds in nature . For fans of the contest birds chirping , the sound of birds is considered annoying and can ruin the sound of birds mainstay of their contest . According to bird enthusiasts , he said , the sound of this bird gets the value of ' death ' , when the bird was rung bird race ( contest sounds of birds ) . Ever tried to conjure up some bird enthusiasts Kutilang birds become privileged bird , the bird is trying memaster of ' tiller ' , even of ' piyik ' , had played with the voices masteran are considered good . In adolescence adulthood , it turns out this bird was able to imitate the sounds of birds are considered special masteran . But by the time the bird adulthood , and hung outside the house , heard the singing of the birds chirping Kutilang wild nature around the house , then all that has been recorded voice masteran Kutilang pet bird is also ' gone missing ' , and return to sound original , ie ' sound Kutilang ' . So for fans of the bird , the bird Kutilang was ruled out and set aside , because it is considered as the birds ' forgetful ' .

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This is one of the wild birds , which often drifts in nature , ranging from forests to urban . These birds like to nest in large buildings and high . Swallow this for the population considered as a nuisance bird , because the bird droppings are often settled in any place , such as on the roof of the house , the yard, even the clothes on a clothesline . But for fans of the birds , the sound of birds' is actually a unique voice , and is considered to be an important voice ' master ' for the birds who are prepared to contest the race birds . Only if the bird is kept in a cage , the birds tend to be quiet and barely reads .



Dikirim pada 28 April 2014 di Lifestyle
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