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In office when his friend used to cultivate bird free love bird or labed , many birds of this type of green that behavior up to one million . he said to sires reached 700 thousand dollars . for membudidayakanya it easy but to rather difficult.Because memasangkanya it is different from the cock bird living in the united cock cock humiliation of women and men . but if these birds are already in the mix despite many days between men and women that do not mate so will not produce eggs .. , maybe he wears the love and feeling awkward clumsy yes if you want ...
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How to Distinguish Sex Bird Love Bird

For a beginner like me to distinguish between male gender and the woman was very hard to karen small size adds to distress . some tips to distinguish the sex of the bird and pick lovebird lovebird birds that mate .

From the shape of the body
To shape the female love bird birds usually have a stocky body and heavier than the males , but this criterion is not always right , because it is not uncommon female love bird is much smaller .
From the way the roost
For the love bird perched upon females usually have a distance between the feet wider than the male bird love bird
Of coat color
For coat color can also be used as a way to distinguish the sex of the birds love bird is usually for male fur color brighter than the females .

Forms of Tails
To form males are usually more pointed than females who tend to have a more flat tail .

of Part  ( Read: burung lovebird pastel )
In this way the male love bird can be seen by looking at the base to the tip of the tapered shape while females between widening base to the tip over sideways , this can usually look at the age of 3 to 4 months .
Of building a nest
Usually that often make the female love bird nest is , by taking the branches of wood to be used as a nest , while the jantang tend to only feed him .


Dikirim pada 23 April 2014 di Lifestyle
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