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Birds Pleci was in (2011-2012) Pleci this bird is becoming popular in the idol 's fans chirping birds . Well besides the price which the fuze ( if in my place Cuma 10rb ) and this bird was also frequently involved in bird singing competitions , so the bird is the most widely maintained by the bird enthusiast . Many ways to make diligent bird chirping , which is important in the selection of birds to be really selective .

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Tips on How to Care For Fast Pleci Bird Sounds and gacor

Let me quickly Birds Tips Pleci gacor / rambling and reads
Basically pleci bird is very easy to go off and I think there is no specific treatment for this so fast pleci bird sounds . Erikut pleci care for your bird .
1 . The morning / dawn try to remove bird pleci ( in embunkan to come out to taste her mataharimenghangatkan rays .
2 . Bathe the bird pleci with spray / sprey sesuaikeinginan until soft or wet , usually in a spray wash to try sediakancepuk or where the birds do not drink on the loose, usually wet her body so she would bathe in that place .
3 . Having a shower to get wet, let it dry in the sun but only enough water that is in the cage .
4 . Approximately half an hour , remove from heat and put pleci shady place , give small caterpillars hongkong white ( 2-3 caterpillars hongkong who are molting ) but previously fed either a fruit or a banana or other fruit may also voer Juka sudahmakan voer .
5 . For insects can also use caterpillar cages , small crickets , or Kroto ( Kroto do every day and not a lot of administration ) .
6 . Perhaps also placed special by giving honey or a small place , or you can also give honey to rub in the banana fruit ( usually , if it is there honey , bananas will be eaten )
7.setelah it let up towards the afternoon , in the evening may bathe as needed .
8 . Pleci your bird then after bathing , drying , and diteduhkan .

How to Take Care pleci champion ala Ikhsan Jakarta
Stabilize the performance of birds or bird pleci glasses are the key issues for the plecimania inidirasakan . How mengondisikannya ? Ikhsan , kicaumania of Paris Team berbagitips.Menurut men orbiter few pleci champion , the thing to note is how the true character of the bird . The nature of birds that are often clustered in making bird habitats in their daily merasanyaman when brought near to a type of bird . "Hence , if the night direndeng should not be used as a dikerodong . Let see each other satusama , "said Ikhsan successful orbit some pleci champion like Bourju , The Black , The White and Bejo is to Agrobis Bird ( Agrobur )

So , in their daily life need not dikrodong . Unless ahead was taken to the field, the birds still need to be closed . It is more important, according to Ikhsan , drinking water and feed should digantisetiap day - even a day can be 2-3 times , because if pleci bird bath in tube tempatminumnya enough . Thus the day had to be replaced several times so that the bird more comfortable .

Regarding the treatment patterns of birds which he did over the years, he said starting the bird exposing one or two hours and then aerate in a cool place . Furthermore bird bath dicepuk left the place of drinking water . Finished bird bath , water immediately replaced with a new one . Once the feed , which baru.Untuk memaster content with these birds , he has been using a fairly small birds such as canaries , hummingbirds jugadengan protrusions lovebird .

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Other factors why the birds quickly Pleci gocor is the character of the bird itself, which already have a good and diligent singing talent , as well as umurpun could be a benchmark , because if the bird is more mature age he will diligently sing by itself .

That's her little reference Tips on How to Take Care of Birds Pleci Quick To Beep and gacor those of you who have Pleci Birds may be beneficial for you . That's all.

Dikirim pada 19 April 2014 di Lifestyle
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