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Extra fooding ( EF ) or additional feed given to the birds chirp necessary to meet the needs and nutritional balance . We can not only provide the main feed , because there will be conditions in which nutrient formulations become unbalanced , so much of certain nutrients that are not covered .

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During this time , we seldom do we give the EF form of insects to birds of the finch kind , including canaries . In fact , finches also need extra fooding insects to supplement nutritional needs , in addition to other food such as fruits and vegetables .

There is no prohibition to provide extra fooding insects to walnuts and finches . Therefore , in the wild , they are also often known to hunt insects , and then eat it . During this time , some finches and canaries fans are stuck on the notion that insects can only be given to the magpie stone , kacer , cucak green , the birds chirp and other non - finch .

Here are some types of insects live feed ( live food ) that can be given to the type of finch birds , including canaries :

1 . Kroto ( weaver ant eggs )

Kroto is still fresh is a favorite food for all the birds chirp , including canaries and other birds such as finches types Mozambique and blackthroat . Kroto is a weaver ant eggs of these is often used to raise canaries or finches lust parent being bred . Even Kroto also be given to a canary or finch feeder , to make it more diligently chirp .

Kroto shaped capsule for a canary / finch

For finches and canaries going , Kroto administration can be given in portions 1 teaspoon daily, given in the morning . As for adult birds , Kroto can be given for arranging lust , and given enough 2 -3 times a week . Kroto given would be great if it is still in the form of capsules , because it is still fresh . It is more possible when you cultivate yourself Kroto ants .

2 . Caterpillar Hongkong dry (dry mealworm )

In Europe , America , Australia , and some countries in Asia , caterpillars hongkong or favorite feed mealworms are given for finches and canaries . However, caterpillars hongkong given usually in the form of dry -counter at feed stores in the form of canned pet .

Caterpillars hongkong dry

Hongkong dried caterpillars are usually given as additional nutrients needed finches and canaries . In Indonesia , the provision for the walnut caterpillar hongkong and finches still popular , especially in the market is not yet available in the form of canned dried UH -counter in the store birds . But you can make it , either for personal purposes or sold in pasaran.Namun you can make it , either for personal purposes or sell it on the market .

3 . White ants / termites

Most bird enthusiasts in Indonesia may feel strange giving the termites canary or finch . White ants or termites as a popular favorite food finches . In some countries , many kicaumania who deliberately breed termites to feed the bird .

In the wild , often seen finches destructive termite nests and prey . Even the type of winged termites that we know as moths also a favorite food while flying .

Many types of termite or white ant , but that can be given to finches and canaries are nesting in termite mound , not the nest in wood or weathered tree trunk .

4 . Egg food

Egg food is home-made food , or base material blend with poached eggs , either using the white and the yolk , or just use the egg yolk alone . Egg food has a fairly high nutrient content . Therefore, this feed is also often given to birds that were bred or parent who is overfeed their children . Egg food can be made with the recipe , depending on your taste and what you think we are to be given to pet birds at home . In foreign countries , egg food is usually sold in dried form .

Egg food is also very good for finches and canaries going , to stimulate them fast reads .

That's some extra fooding and alternatives that can be given to finches and canaries . There is still one more fact , which fly larvae bush ( bush fly ) . Although popular as an alternative feed for finches in some countries , it can not be applied in Indonesia .

Why ? Addition rare , the condition of our environment too much contaminated house fly ( fly garbage ) or house fly . It is feared that we erred in choosing the type of fly , then given to the bird , which turned out to endanger the safety of the bird itself. Moreover, their shape is very similar , as shown in the figure below . For that reason , we do not recommend giving flies for finches and canaries .

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 Similarities fly bush ( bush fly ) and house flies ( house fly ) .

In addition to extra fooding insects , fruits , and vegetables , finches or canaries also require proper feed grains . During this time many are trying to mix their own kicaumania various types of grains for his favorite bird . For those not familiar , this is just a waste of time and money , because the results are often not visible or no change at all .

Dikirim pada 18 April 2014 di Lifestyle
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