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Steps to Take Care of Red Anis

At 7 am bird issued for aerated for 30 minutes.
Furthermore bird bath and cage cleaned.
Having bathed winds back, and while check pakanya not to feed long given back, as well as drinking water.
2 Place the tail on the container EF crickets to eat birds. Diusakan crickets do not give directly to the birds.
After 8 am, the sun bird had been aerated for 1 or 2 hours.
After drying, the bird returned aerated again for 10-15 minutes.
After the bird dikerodong and dimaster until 3 pm.
3 pm re-released birds for aerated. When the crickets give only one tail on the container EF.
At 6 o'clock and dimaster dikerodong birds during the rest period until the next day morning.

Feed-feed Cast As Scheduled

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Beririkan 1 teaspoon fresh Kroto maximum of 2x a week, 2 worms 3x a week, and fresh fruit every day.
For the provision of fruits is done by alternating type, for example Monday to Thursday granted papaya fruit, and for Friday and Saturday given an apple or banana or other fruit types.

How to Handle Red Bird Over Sexual arousal Anis

Cut into 1 tail portion of crickets in the morning and 1 afternoon tail.
Birds diembun-embunkan from 05:30 to 06:00 hours, plus a portion of the bath into morning, afternoon and evening, the drying time is reduced to 30 minutes / day.

How to Handle Bird In Nge-drop condition

Immediate isolation ngedrop birds so as not to see and hear the birds singing similar.
The portion of crickets raised to 3 heads and 3 tails late morning, then Kroto was increased to 3 times a week, and provide additional vitamins.
The portion of the bath is reduced, it becomes 2 days, while the drying time was increased to 2-3 hours / day.

Pemasteran In Red Anis

The distinctive feature is the red anise telernya behavior. Style is the first ngetrend teller classic style (standard / orthodox). Upright body position, head slightly closer to the throat and head facing forward.

To pemasteran vote on red anise can use the sound of birds lovebird, cucak beard, cililian or other types.

Toward the Red Anis Care Competition

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3 days before the race birds given 2 tailed crickets in the morning and afternoon 2 tails (more than a typical day), and at 2 hhari ahead of the competition, a maximum of 30 minutes dried bird.
An hour before the race bushels, bird bath and 1 tail only given crickets.
If the bird will drop the race again, given crickets 1 tail again.
Do not give caterpillars hongkong, because it can increase the desire to birds and bird menjakan unstable.
Should jockey field is a person who has never been involved in day-to-day care.

Dikirim pada 17 April 2014 di Lifestyle
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