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Cucak ijo good traits can actually be seen from the bird disik cucak ijo itself, well before the time I continue maybe you are interested to read the article in the first treatment ciblek gacor .
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Okay I continue to the characteristics of a good male cucak ijo green cucak manly good :

1.body longer birds as well as professional . knead rather large tail down .
2.beak bird cucak ijo long and not thin . This suggests that birds
3.have a nice tone
4.Colour / cucak ijo posture should be dark green and down feather mouth
5.Black dark side of the mouth rather whitish blue agakberwarna feet
6.Bird cucak ijo nice dry should not be bent .
7.tongue birds , as well as in the mouth of a great bird must be black
8.Her nails bird must cucak ijo crooked and pointy .
9.birdsong good cucak ijo must clean and loud birds chirping while lying on her back and a nice tail should sway of active and throat
10.bird good when singing must be convex .
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Cucakijo fur should be dry but kept shiny and not dull
Feature cucak ijo good male is the head of a bird that terahir cucak ijo should cut.
Thus I chose cucak ijo experience , may be useful .

source: om slamet

Dikirim pada 16 April 2014 di Lifestyle
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