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Google reportedly registered a patent for a technology that is embedded camera ( built -in ) to the contact lens in the eye , as quoted from Softpedia .

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Previously , Google has also been successfully developed contact lenses for people with diabetes . Contact lenses for diabetics will notify the user , on the condition of real time their blood sugar levels . This greatly helps people with diabetes to keep blood sugar levels stable rather not soaring , and minimize the use of insulin , and keeps blood tests are conventionally via needle puncture .

This time , instead of a sensor to measure glucose levels . However, Google has developed a micro camera technology in contact lenses . Small camera in the contact lens can help track and generate image data corresponding to the scene or its gaze . This means that if the wearer look at a certain point in the other direction , the contact lens will follow the paradigm shift that enables to actually see what others see .

File indicates that the image data can be processed to detect light , color , pattern color , face , motion , or other types of the same data . And keep in mind , people will never know you 're recording or snapped an object through a camera embedded in the contact lens .

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With the filing of this patent , many people who say that Google will take an increasingly intense controversy , after a new round of Google Glass .

Dikirim pada 15 April 2014 di Teknologi
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