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The pine shoot / Bird finches reads ... cut the song " Bird finches " Mother Soed work reminds me of a bird 's life , especially in big cities such as Jakarta . In the middle of the height of buildings , noise , and air pollution , I still find cucak birds finches or commonly called finches ( Pycnonotus aurigaster ) . Finches have a special feature that is the crown on the head and the upside-down yellow orange . Finches can we find the rest of the city , seperta roads, settlements , forests and city parks . I've found that finches fly in the middle of a crash , near Pasar Senen , Central Jakarta. see also:  Vitamin Burung

Finches live in clusters. These birds are often found on the dendritic tree Ficus glomerata lo . The reason why this bird could have a large enough population for seasonal fecundity / wedding of the year. Therefore, spread wide enough covering almost the whole of Southeast Asia , except for a reddish- colored finches Malaysia.Telur jambuan speckled purple and gray. In the case of food , they will eat insects or fruit .

However , in some areas finches considered a pest by farmers because often pierce fruits like papaya . Instead , these birds can also benefit because they prey on insects that can damage farm revenue . Another uniqueness of this bird is going to fly when it remove dirt from the profusion of water content in the body . It aims to meringakan bird's body at the time of service. Beware the consequences ulahnya , the stain could fall on our heads !

By the dry season , the trees are usually pruned so that the leaves do not sully the road . Therefore, we find the finches would be difficult because it's stems and twigs of perch decreases. However , if the stems and leaves of plants and trees are lush , finches will come back . Although currently not classified as finches protected birds and endangered , but hunting and getting fewer trees could cause them to go from Jakarta . Therefore, we should keep finches habitat . Do not let our children just listen to the song " Bird finches " without ever saw fly between them .




Dikirim pada 12 April 2014 di Lifestyle
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