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Conflicts between animals and humans do with mastery of the region are also common in Borneo . The reason is the same , diokupansi land . The story also looks like a wildlife refuge imaging jargon , do not need much to talk about conservation of habitat , poaching and sale of wildlife and wildlife products are protected continue to happen .

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Wildlife habitat are all factors of the natural environment that supports the existence of animals to be able to survive and proliferate . The existence of animals in a particular area also indicates the quality and state of the region , known as bio- indicator species . Examples of house mice ( Hundred hundred ) will not be found in natural forests , as well as forest rats ( Leopoldamys sabanus ) will never be found at home or around the population .

All have functions in accordance with the conditions and the capacity to continue to happen ecological balance . If there is interference on one factor , it will affect other factors that adaptation will occur , or occur and the ecological imbalance or missing altogether ( extinct ) . So if we want to talk about biodiversity is actually no direct effect on the habitat , but instead the existence of habitat influence on biodiversity . The trend is different habitat types will also be populated by different species .

By animal protection legislation is unfortunately not followed by habitat protection . Habitat protection is not explicitly stated in the legislation , but is often translated as conservation and protected areas , in the form of protected forests and conservation forests . So as if the wildlife is protected if it is in forest conservation and protection .

But the problem is , animals do not know the limits of the status of the forest so many animals found outside the two regions , as in the concession area of forest concessions ( HPH ) , plantations , mining and settlement opened in forested areas . Factors money and economic development in a short time , as well as MP3EI will beat everything including the benefit of wildlife .

Actually, the issue of how important wildlife habitat and is the nation 's economy that is being built is in full swing . Classical knowledge states that concern for the animals over to the ethics ( including religious orders ) , and wildlife in the natural ecological function as seed dispersers and others who did not seem very interesting to talk about the current generation is thick with the smell of things instant .

But recent developments , the issue has been entered in the politics of wildlife conservation that can affect international trade politics . Environmental issues can affect the economy of a country , such as the boycott of oil products , certified wood , to carbon trading .

Although full of intrigue and cargo capitalist , but this environmental issue open discourse that international relations can also be affected by the preservation of wildlife and the environment . Our memories are still fresh when Indonesian palm products boycotted by the main buyers of oil world because there is a demonstration of Unilever Indonesia palm oil plantation located in a conservation area , or demonstration cancellation Euro 2012 football party for the host country to kill stray dogs for the convenience of organizing the blue continental football party . Or how about a Hollywood actress Pamela Anderson action nan who choose not to dress sensual than having to wear clothes from animal skins . Or how so strong pressure on Japan from western countries because of hunting dolphins and whales .

Therefore, the animals no longer just the issue of biodiversity, habitat conservation and protection, but has become part of the global issues that may affect the relationship between countries that ultimately affect the economy .

There is nothing wrong with building if done wisely . Minimize the environmental impact is the main target of any development project . But it must be done with care . Indonesian rich country that never shortage of smart people . Pay attention and give priority to the interests of wildlife ecology and economic investment is unusually large for the current generation even more so for generations to come .

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Our country can do even more than anyone expectations and any country in the world , because we have everything . Indonesian Borneo with not just have " a million lakes " , but we should also know that Indonesia has " a billion hearts " . Freedom!

source:http://www. profauna .org/ 

Dikirim pada 10 Maret 2014 di Lifestyle
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