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Facebook terminate email@facebook.com . Because the email was not widely used .( see also: lomba burung )


" Most people do not use their email@facebook.com , " a Facebook spokesman said the company's official blog , as reported by The Verge Tuesday 25 February 2014. Facebook will tell to all users and expect the user to turn off forwarding feature that appears by default .


Facebook has introduced its email service in November 2010 ago with hopes of much use to receive emails and messages . Unfortunately , this mission is not accomplished . Not many users using the Facebook email .

Most likely not too happy with the user interface Facebook email , unfamiliar and difficult to use . Facebook Email not even provide CC , BCC and column headings as in the general mail page .


Facebook email feature also rarely updated and even cause problems . In June 2012 the past , highlighting Facebok email@facebook.com address on the profile of this email , but instead hide the email address. Actually, this step aims to restore user profiles empty list which email address was designed privacy . But the result , Facebook thinks users want support besutannya email service other than email .( see also: lomba burung dara )


Services email@facebook.com also relatively accessible by other users . Users can access the main one's email inbox by sending an email to the address email@facebook.com . It makes uncomfortable . ( umi )



Dikirim pada 25 Februari 2014 di Teknologi
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