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Smartphones have a few dreams. As the Smartphone, we can do a lot in terms of the ease of communication. One is to send or chat. Of course still remember maybe for a long time smartphone users that use smartphones before, we use to connect our Gmail account.

However, there are several reasons that we need to change our gmail account on android. Maybe because our email hacked, or forgotten password. Now, for those of you who delete Gmail account on Android without Factory Reset want, you can use the following ways to overcome them.


The only real way to change your account or additional secondary, not primary account. But you can do to change the main account, but applies only to certain types and kinds of mobile phones only. Proceed as follows:

- Login or settings in the settings menu on your menu.
- Then go to accounts and sync to see the settings.
- Select the Google account you want to remove or delete.
- Once you are sure, please click on the Remove account

Delete files on Android Accounts.db

This method is a bit complicated. Since this will be managed by root your android phone first. If you rooting your Android phone, you can use the method below.

- First, install the first file Root Explorer
- Once you have it installed, you will find the folder named data in the internal memory, then open the folder.
- Search system folders in the data folder.
- Then find the file named accounts.db.
- Then delete the file. However, if you are afraid of getting damaged, you can save the file first.
- If yes, please reboot your android.

In this way, the data in question is to delete your account. The second option is the safest and also the most powerful. But remember, too, how the course has a risk because the system has been at the root. But here I am not responsible if it indeed problems on your phone, at your own risk.

Source : How to Delete a Gmail Account on Android Without Factory Reset

Dikirim pada 24 Mei 2013 di Lifestyle
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