Defecation lime disease usually attacks various species of birds and poultry . The disease is also known as Salmonellosis or pullorum disease . The reason is that Salmonella pullorum has subjugate the digestive tract of a bird . Disease that often affects the chirping of birds is a contagious disease .

As for the signs of the birds that have been infected with this bacterium can be seen from the shape of the liquid manure and white chalk .( Read: penyakit burung perkutut ). Other symptoms are caused by decreased appetite , which often developed feathers and bird droppings are always difficult throw .

There is no treatment that can cure the disease directly defecation lime , but because it is able to infect other birds or poultry , and even humans, the way out is to be taken is to eliminate infected birds or separate it from the presence of other birds ( quarantined ) to be given antibiotics , but the use of these drugs would not be indiscriminate because it can be fatal .

This can be done by the pemilk birds and poultry is to prevent the emergence of these bacteria , in particular by :
Maintain cleanliness of the cage , eating well and drinking places . Cage can be cleaned using appropriate disinfectant . Disinfectants such as FreshAves shown to eradicate bacteria , lice and mites that hide in the crevices of the cage .
Noting the expired limits of feed given ( voer ) , and avoid giving voer feed moldy or too long kept in an open state .( Read: penyakit burung dara )

Hopefully useful and chirping Greetings !

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List Price Latest Bird prenjak Month March 2014
Birds prenjak or commonly referred to as bird ciblek always the target of the kicaumania wherever located . This tiny bird has a pretty good price in the market . Although the price is quite expensive, but for a price kicaumania not the main thing so consider , but is the quality of the birds singing prenjak . The more gacor prenjak bird , the more expensive and the more kicaumania is interested in having .

( Read:harga burung pramuka )

Earlier in March , the price of the bird prenjak little changed . There are several types of prenjak that experienced price declines and there is also increased . This can occur because of the change in interest kicaumania itself ( the buyer ) and the difficulty of being a bird prenjak gacor combat ready .
Here is the latest price list of birds prenjak march 2014 :

Bird Price prenjak red ( ciblek ) going - Rp 30,000
Bird Price prenjak red ( ciblek ) gacor - Rp 180,000
Price bird feeder prenjak White male - Rp 135,000 s / d Rp 160.000
Price bird feeder prenjak White females - Rp Rp . 65,000
White Bird Price prenjak occasional sound tame fly - Rp 235.000
White Bird Price prenjak gacor - Rp 320,000 s / d Rp 725.000
Price Bird feeder Alang Alang prenjak young forest - Rp 30,000
Price Bird feeder Alang Alang prenjak old - Rp 50,000 ( sound )
Bird Price prenjak Alang Alang sound gacor - Rp 220.000
Price prenjak Mountain Bird feeder - Rp 100,000 s / d 150,000
Price prenjak Mountain Bird sounds - Rp 200,000
Bird Price prenjak Mount gacor - Rp 300,000 s / d Rp 600,000

( Read:harga burung murai batu )
Price above prenjak we collect birds from bird traders in Jakarta and also from some of our fellow kicaumania informants . For other areas there may be a slight difference in price but the estimates will not be far from the price of the bird prenjak above .

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