Google reportedly registered a patent for a technology that is embedded camera ( built -in ) to the contact lens in the eye , as quoted from Softpedia .

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Previously , Google has also been successfully developed contact lenses for people with diabetes . Contact lenses for diabetics will notify the user , on the condition of real time their blood sugar levels . This greatly helps people with diabetes to keep blood sugar levels stable rather not soaring , and minimize the use of insulin , and keeps blood tests are conventionally via needle puncture .

This time , instead of a sensor to measure glucose levels . However, Google has developed a micro camera technology in contact lenses . Small camera in the contact lens can help track and generate image data corresponding to the scene or its gaze . This means that if the wearer look at a certain point in the other direction , the contact lens will follow the paradigm shift that enables to actually see what others see .

File indicates that the image data can be processed to detect light , color , pattern color , face , motion , or other types of the same data . And keep in mind , people will never know you `re recording or snapped an object through a camera embedded in the contact lens .

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With the filing of this patent , many people who say that Google will take an increasingly intense controversy , after a new round of Google Glass .

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1402 - 1496 As we know that in the 15th century , Jean de Bethencourt bring canaries for the first time to Spain and then to France , during the conquest of Canary Islands ( Canary Islands ) to King Carlos VII of the Spanish empire . At that time also , Henry the Navigator arrived in the Azores and the Canaries first brought to Portugal and the possibility to England .

Kingdom is the favorite place to maintain walnuts . The pastors in Spain also seek additional income to breed , sell and export . Canaries for sale by priests manifold only male only, thus making the control of the sale by way of monopoly because they alone can breed , it lasts many years .

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According to article 1545 Conrad von Gesner , modern animal science expert , canaries also been found and maintained in the UK .

" The canary birds here , in the UK , called sugar birds and only the rich can afford to maintain ... "

At the same time also informed that canaries kept in Flanders . According to historians , at the end of the 15th century Spanish conquered America and Grenada regained from the enemy`s hands . The son of Juana and Felipe , Carlos I of Spain and V of Germany Emperor inherited several countries in Europe , including Flanders , Holland , Luxemburg and Burgundy , under the pretext of the existence of trade and the relationship between this area and the blood of Spain .

1556 Recorded by history that the canary first arrived in America but still rare until the late 19th century .

1575 During the reign of Philip II of Spain ( 1575-1598 ) religious refugees from the Lower Country ( Netherlands ) arriving in the city of Norwich in the UK . These refugees brought canaries that would become the forerunner to Norwich canary types .

In the year 1585 it is believed that the first yellow canary was given by Sir Walter Raleigh to Queen Elizabeth I. To appreciate this event , composed Shakespeare sonnet that tells how the Queen transform into gold canary .

1622 Around the 16th century , has been bred canaries in Italy , they may get a female bird of illicit trafficking or sex identification errors when they are imported from Spain . The Leyend of the Island of Elba ( 1622 ) , an article of Giovanni Pietro de Olina which tells of a Spanish ship sailed into stormy Lighorn and must be anchored on the coast between the islands of Elba and Tuscany , it appears there was a charge that is released and canaries then living in the interior . The Italians immediately took advantage of the accident , breed and trade production. Canary bird traders brought along Sempai Tyrol Alps in Germany .

1667 canary -colored White Dominant seen in Germany .

1685 Huguenots fled from France to Edinburgh in the UK and brings the canary , which later became the forerunner Lizard walnut types and types that have been extinct long ago ( 1830) , London Fancy .

Hervieux de Chanteloup 1709 published his book , Nouveau Traité au Serins , in which there is a list of 29 chestnut color variations , including the Lizard , Crested , red eyes , intensive , and so forth .

1713 There is a written document and a statement of the existence of a bird that has songs such as water , which later became the forerunner of the type canaries Malinois or Waterslager .

Around the year 1750 in the Lower Country ( Flanders ) , walnut types Old Holland and then Great Canary of Ghents famous for its large size , the attitude behind the curved and slightly hairy ( Frill ) . This became the forerunner canary bird types hunchback and frill .

1770 Crested Canaries types ( having crested in the head ) was first seen , although in 1800 a new type of Crested canary officially recognized as one of the types of walnuts .

1800 From the city of Nuremburg , Germany , thousands of types Saxon walnuts are exported to all over the world . First appearance of walnut types of Belgian Hunchback ( Bossu Belge ) and became one of the first types of canary feathers behind ( Frill )

1850 Scotch Fancy was first recognized as a kind of canary .

At the 1873 British National Championships , the first visible Norwich fed dye , owned and contested by Edward Bemrose , who was wearing a type of chili as feed coloring .

1880 German Hartz Roller Canary types ( Harzer Roller ) look perfect , belonging Trute Wilhem St . Andreasburg in the Hartz Mountains , Germany .

1900 Agate color mutation results appear in canaries bred from Leewarden Helder , Holland .

1908 Walnut colored Recessive White first appeared in Mrs Lee`s farm in Matinborough , New Zealand . This mutation was later reproduced in the UK and was inaugurated in 1912 .

Breeders Spain was the first to cross a canary with Red Siskin ( Carduelis Cucullata ) .

1915 Breeders Germany , Balser of Fulda and Dams of Konigsburg found that from the results of a cross between Siskin with existing fertile walnuts . Bruno Martern of Prussia producing walnuts first with the red color factor in 1925 .

1921 is Hans Duncker ( 1881-1961 ) , a teacher and part-time geneticist , along with Karl Reicht responsible for the task of producing a red canary . Their initiatives , which actually took almost his whole life , setingginya appreciated but is not complete .

From the 1930 production results and Reicht Duncker , Anthony K. Gill and Charles Bennett took over the mission . Bennett found the missing link , providing carotenes . Julius Henninger also breed birds with the desired color , genetically , can be obtained from dye feeding . His book , Farben Kanarien , Maximillian , 1962 is a practical guide to raising a walnut color .

1934 Bronze colored Walnuts were first discovered , the result of melanin walnut cross with Siskin .

1944 - 1952 and Marcel Smet Gustave Ciouta is an expert breeder walnut color , but have not found diingankan intensity of the color red . In the 1960s , Hoffman La Roche created a product to mengintensitaskan yolk color to the livestock industry ( Roxanthin Red - 10 ) . This product will be used in 1964 by the canary breeders to obtain the desired coloring in red canary .

1949 Opal color mutations obtained from a pair of Harzer Roller Rosner farm in Furth , Germany .

1950 Among the captive bred canaries P.J. Helder in Holland Rose visible mutation of a pair of red canaries . In 1960 , Ivory appeared at Willi Robner farms in Germany .

(see also: jenis burung kenari )

Melanin Pastel Colors 1959 first look of a pair of canary color Red Isabel belongs Brockmayer from Netherlands .

1960 Color dimorphic ( Mosaic ) appeared in Italy , born from crosses of red walnut with Gloster .

1965 Mutation Phaeo color visible from the farm Kuppens in Brussels , Belgium .

1966 Mutation - wing looks gray in Italy .

1967 Mutation Satinette color seen in Argentina from the farm Primitivo Calderón and two years later was found in France .

1981 Mutation Eumo color appears in Van Haaf farm in Holland .

1985 Topaz color mutation was discovered by farmers and refined by Mario Ascheri , in

1993 finally recognized by C.O.M. ( Confederation Ornithologique Mondial / World Ornithological Confederation )

1986 Onyx color mutation seen in Valencia , Spain at the ranch Beliver Brothers .

1994 Cobalt color mutation seen in Werner Karl farms in Germany .

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The pine shoot / Bird finches reads ... cut the song " Bird finches " Mother Soed work reminds me of a bird `s life , especially in big cities such as Jakarta . In the middle of the height of buildings , noise , and air pollution , I still find cucak birds finches or commonly called finches ( Pycnonotus aurigaster ) . Finches have a special feature that is the crown on the head and the upside-down yellow orange . Finches can we find the rest of the city , seperta roads, settlements , forests and city parks . I`ve found that finches fly in the middle of a crash , near Pasar Senen , Central Jakarta. see also: Vitamin Burung
Finches live in clusters. These birds are often found on the dendritic tree Ficus glomerata lo . The reason why this bird could have a large enough population for seasonal fecundity / wedding of the year. Therefore, spread wide enough covering almost the whole of Southeast Asia , except for a reddish- colored finches Malaysia.Telur jambuan speckled purple and gray. In the case of food , they will eat insects or fruit .
However , in some areas finches considered a pest by farmers because often pierce fruits like papaya . Instead , these birds can also benefit because they prey on insects that can damage farm revenue . Another uniqueness of this bird is going to fly when it remove dirt from the profusion of water content in the body . It aims to meringakan bird`s body at the time of service. Beware the consequences ulahnya , the stain could fall on our heads !
see also: Vitamin Burung Cendet
By the dry season , the trees are usually pruned so that the leaves do not sully the road . Therefore, we find the finches would be difficult because it`s stems and twigs of perch decreases. However , if the stems and leaves of plants and trees are lush , finches will come back . Although currently not classified as finches protected birds and endangered , but hunting and getting fewer trees could cause them to go from Jakarta . Therefore, we should keep finches habitat . Do not let our children just listen to the song " Bird finches " without ever saw fly between them .


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