Extra fooding ( EF ) or additional feed given to the birds chirp necessary to meet the needs and nutritional balance . We can not only provide the main feed , because there will be conditions in which nutrient formulations become unbalanced , so much of certain nutrients that are not covered .
( Read: egg food kenari )
During this time , we seldom do we give the EF form of insects to birds of the finch kind , including canaries . In fact , finches also need extra fooding insects to supplement nutritional needs , in addition to other food such as fruits and vegetables .
There is no prohibition to provide extra fooding insects to walnuts and finches . Therefore , in the wild , they are also often known to hunt insects , and then eat it . During this time , some finches and canaries fans are stuck on the notion that insects can only be given to the magpie stone , kacer , cucak green , the birds chirp and other non - finch .
Here are some types of insects live feed ( live food ) that can be given to the type of finch birds , including canaries :
1 . Kroto ( weaver ant eggs )
Kroto is still fresh is a favorite food for all the birds chirp , including canaries and other birds such as finches types Mozambique and blackthroat . Kroto is a weaver ant eggs of these is often used to raise canaries or finches lust parent being bred . Even Kroto also be given to a canary or finch feeder , to make it more diligently chirp .
Kroto shaped capsule for a canary / finch
For finches and canaries going , Kroto administration can be given in portions 1 teaspoon daily, given in the morning . As for adult birds , Kroto can be given for arranging lust , and given enough 2 -3 times a week . Kroto given would be great if it is still in the form of capsules , because it is still fresh . It is more possible when you cultivate yourself Kroto ants .
2 . Caterpillar Hongkong dry (dry mealworm )
In Europe , America , Australia , and some countries in Asia , caterpillars hongkong or favorite feed mealworms are given for finches and canaries . However, caterpillars hongkong given usually in the form of dry -counter at feed stores in the form of canned pet .
Caterpillars hongkong dry
Hongkong dried caterpillars are usually given as additional nutrients needed finches and canaries . In Indonesia , the provision for the walnut caterpillar hongkong and finches still popular , especially in the market is not yet available in the form of canned dried UH -counter in the store birds . But you can make it , either for personal purposes or sold in pasaran.Namun you can make it , either for personal purposes or sell it on the market .
3 . White ants / termites
Most bird enthusiasts in Indonesia may feel strange giving the termites canary or finch . White ants or termites as a popular favorite food finches . In some countries , many kicaumania who deliberately breed termites to feed the bird .
In the wild , often seen finches destructive termite nests and prey . Even the type of winged termites that we know as moths also a favorite food while flying .
Many types of termite or white ant , but that can be given to finches and canaries are nesting in termite mound , not the nest in wood or weathered tree trunk .
4 . Egg food
Egg food is home-made food , or base material blend with poached eggs , either using the white and the yolk , or just use the egg yolk alone . Egg food has a fairly high nutrient content . Therefore, this feed is also often given to birds that were bred or parent who is overfeed their children . Egg food can be made with the recipe , depending on your taste and what you think we are to be given to pet birds at home . In foreign countries , egg food is usually sold in dried form .
Egg food is also very good for finches and canaries going , to stimulate them fast reads .
That`s some extra fooding and alternatives that can be given to finches and canaries . There is still one more fact , which fly larvae bush ( bush fly ) . Although popular as an alternative feed for finches in some countries , it can not be applied in Indonesia .
Why ? Addition rare , the condition of our environment too much contaminated house fly ( fly garbage ) or house fly . It is feared that we erred in choosing the type of fly , then given to the bird , which turned out to endanger the safety of the bird itself. Moreover, their shape is very similar , as shown in the figure below . For that reason , we do not recommend giving flies for finches and canaries .
( Read: egg food untuk parkit )
Similarities fly bush ( bush fly ) and house flies ( house fly ) .
In addition to extra fooding insects , fruits , and vegetables , finches or canaries also require proper feed grains . During this time many are trying to mix their own kicaumania various types of grains for his favorite bird . For those not familiar , this is just a waste of time and money , because the results are often not visible or no change at all .

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Steps to Take Care of Red Anis
At 7 am bird issued for aerated for 30 minutes.
Furthermore bird bath and cage cleaned.
Having bathed winds back, and while check pakanya not to feed long given back, as well as drinking water.
2 Place the tail on the container EF crickets to eat birds. Diusakan crickets do not give directly to the birds.
After 8 am, the sun bird had been aerated for 1 or 2 hours.
After drying, the bird returned aerated again for 10-15 minutes.
After the bird dikerodong and dimaster until 3 pm.
3 pm re-released birds for aerated. When the crickets give only one tail on the container EF.
At 6 o`clock and dimaster dikerodong birds during the rest period until the next day morning.
Feed-feed Cast As Scheduled
( Read: harga anis merah )
Beririkan 1 teaspoon fresh Kroto maximum of 2x a week, 2 worms 3x a week, and fresh fruit every day.
For the provision of fruits is done by alternating type, for example Monday to Thursday granted papaya fruit, and for Friday and Saturday given an apple or banana or other fruit types.
How to Handle Red Bird Over Sexual arousal Anis
Cut into 1 tail portion of crickets in the morning and 1 afternoon tail.
Birds diembun-embunkan from 05:30 to 06:00 hours, plus a portion of the bath into morning, afternoon and evening, the drying time is reduced to 30 minutes / day.
How to Handle Bird In Nge-drop condition
Immediate isolation ngedrop birds so as not to see and hear the birds singing similar.
The portion of crickets raised to 3 heads and 3 tails late morning, then Kroto was increased to 3 times a week, and provide additional vitamins.
The portion of the bath is reduced, it becomes 2 days, while the drying time was increased to 2-3 hours / day.
Pemasteran In Red Anis
The distinctive feature is the red anise telernya behavior. Style is the first ngetrend teller classic style (standard / orthodox). Upright body position, head slightly closer to the throat and head facing forward.
To pemasteran vote on red anise can use the sound of birds lovebird, cucak beard, cililian or other types.
Toward the Red Anis Care Competition
( Read: suara anis merah )
3 days before the race birds given 2 tailed crickets in the morning and afternoon 2 tails (more than a typical day), and at 2 hhari ahead of the competition, a maximum of 30 minutes dried bird.
An hour before the race bushels, bird bath and 1 tail only given crickets.
If the bird will drop the race again, given crickets 1 tail again.
Do not give caterpillars hongkong, because it can increase the desire to birds and bird menjakan unstable.
Should jockey field is a person who has never been involved in day-to-day care.

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Cucak ijo good traits can actually be seen from the bird disik cucak ijo itself, well before the time I continue maybe you are interested to read the article in the first treatment ciblek gacor .
( Read: cara perawatan cucak ijo )
Okay I continue to the characteristics of a good male cucak ijo green cucak manly good :
1.body longer birds as well as professional . knead rather large tail down .
2.beak bird cucak ijo long and not thin . This suggests that birds
3.have a nice tone
4.Colour / cucak ijo posture should be dark green and down feather mouth
5.Black dark side of the mouth rather whitish blue agakberwarna feet
6.Bird cucak ijo nice dry should not be bent .
7.tongue birds , as well as in the mouth of a great bird must be black
8.Her nails bird must cucak ijo crooked and pointy .
9.birdsong good cucak ijo must clean and loud birds chirping while lying on her back and a nice tail should sway of active and throat
10.bird good when singing must be convex .
( Read: suara burung cucak ijo )
Cucakijo fur should be dry but kept shiny and not dull
Feature cucak ijo good male is the head of a bird that terahir cucak ijo should cut.
Thus I chose cucak ijo experience , may be useful .
source: om slamet

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Google reportedly registered a patent for a technology that is embedded camera ( built -in ) to the contact lens in the eye , as quoted from Softpedia .
( Read: cara download youtube )
Previously , Google has also been successfully developed contact lenses for people with diabetes . Contact lenses for diabetics will notify the user , on the condition of real time their blood sugar levels . This greatly helps people with diabetes to keep blood sugar levels stable rather not soaring , and minimize the use of insulin , and keeps blood tests are conventionally via needle puncture .
This time , instead of a sensor to measure glucose levels . However, Google has developed a micro camera technology in contact lenses . Small camera in the contact lens can help track and generate image data corresponding to the scene or its gaze . This means that if the wearer look at a certain point in the other direction , the contact lens will follow the paradigm shift that enables to actually see what others see .
File indicates that the image data can be processed to detect light , color , pattern color , face , motion , or other types of the same data . And keep in mind , people will never know you `re recording or snapped an object through a camera embedded in the contact lens .
( Read: cara download video youtube gratis )
With the filing of this patent , many people who say that Google will take an increasingly intense controversy , after a new round of Google Glass .

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1402 - 1496 As we know that in the 15th century , Jean de Bethencourt bring canaries for the first time to Spain and then to France , during the conquest of Canary Islands ( Canary Islands ) to King Carlos VII of the Spanish empire . At that time also , Henry the Navigator arrived in the Azores and the Canaries first brought to Portugal and the possibility to England .
Kingdom is the favorite place to maintain walnuts . The pastors in Spain also seek additional income to breed , sell and export . Canaries for sale by priests manifold only male only, thus making the control of the sale by way of monopoly because they alone can breed , it lasts many years .
(see also: perawatan kenari )

According to article 1545 Conrad von Gesner , modern animal science expert , canaries also been found and maintained in the UK .
" The canary birds here , in the UK , called sugar birds and only the rich can afford to maintain ... "
At the same time also informed that canaries kept in Flanders . According to historians , at the end of the 15th century Spanish conquered America and Grenada regained from the enemy`s hands . The son of Juana and Felipe , Carlos I of Spain and V of Germany Emperor inherited several countries in Europe , including Flanders , Holland , Luxemburg and Burgundy , under the pretext of the existence of trade and the relationship between this area and the blood of Spain .

1556 Recorded by history that the canary first arrived in America but still rare until the late 19th century .
1575 During the reign of Philip II of Spain ( 1575-1598 ) religious refugees from the Lower Country ( Netherlands ) arriving in the city of Norwich in the UK . These refugees brought canaries that would become the forerunner to Norwich canary types .

In the year 1585 it is believed that the first yellow canary was given by Sir Walter Raleigh to Queen Elizabeth I. To appreciate this event , composed Shakespeare sonnet that tells how the Queen transform into gold canary .

1622 Around the 16th century , has been bred canaries in Italy , they may get a female bird of illicit trafficking or sex identification errors when they are imported from Spain . The Leyend of the Island of Elba ( 1622 ) , an article of Giovanni Pietro de Olina which tells of a Spanish ship sailed into stormy Lighorn and must be anchored on the coast between the islands of Elba and Tuscany , it appears there was a charge that is released and canaries then living in the interior . The Italians immediately took advantage of the accident , breed and trade production. Canary bird traders brought along Sempai Tyrol Alps in Germany .

1667 canary -colored White Dominant seen in Germany .
1685 Huguenots fled from France to Edinburgh in the UK and brings the canary , which later became the forerunner Lizard walnut types and types that have been extinct long ago ( 1830) , London Fancy .
Hervieux de Chanteloup 1709 published his book , Nouveau Traité au Serins , in which there is a list of 29 chestnut color variations , including the Lizard , Crested , red eyes , intensive , and so forth .
1713 There is a written document and a statement of the existence of a bird that has songs such as water , which later became the forerunner of the type canaries Malinois or Waterslager .
Around the year 1750 in the Lower Country ( Flanders ) , walnut types Old Holland and then Great Canary of Ghents famous for its large size , the attitude behind the curved and slightly hairy ( Frill ) . This became the forerunner canary bird types hunchback and frill .

1770 Crested Canaries types ( having crested in the head ) was first seen , although in 1800 a new type of Crested canary officially recognized as one of the types of walnuts .
1800 From the city of Nuremburg , Germany , thousands of types Saxon walnuts are exported to all over the world . First appearance of walnut types of Belgian Hunchback ( Bossu Belge ) and became one of the first types of canary feathers behind ( Frill )
1850 Scotch Fancy was first recognized as a kind of canary .
At the 1873 British National Championships , the first visible Norwich fed dye , owned and contested by Edward Bemrose , who was wearing a type of chili as feed coloring .
1880 German Hartz Roller Canary types ( Harzer Roller ) look perfect , belonging Trute Wilhem St . Andreasburg in the Hartz Mountains , Germany .

1900 Agate color mutation results appear in canaries bred from Leewarden Helder , Holland .
1908 Walnut colored Recessive White first appeared in Mrs Lee`s farm in Matinborough , New Zealand . This mutation was later reproduced in the UK and was inaugurated in 1912 .
Breeders Spain was the first to cross a canary with Red Siskin ( Carduelis Cucullata ) .
1915 Breeders Germany , Balser of Fulda and Dams of Konigsburg found that from the results of a cross between Siskin with existing fertile walnuts . Bruno Martern of Prussia producing walnuts first with the red color factor in 1925 .
1921 is Hans Duncker ( 1881-1961 ) , a teacher and part-time geneticist , along with Karl Reicht responsible for the task of producing a red canary . Their initiatives , which actually took almost his whole life , setingginya appreciated but is not complete .

From the 1930 production results and Reicht Duncker , Anthony K. Gill and Charles Bennett took over the mission . Bennett found the missing link , providing carotenes . Julius Henninger also breed birds with the desired color , genetically , can be obtained from dye feeding . His book , Farben Kanarien , Maximillian , 1962 is a practical guide to raising a walnut color .

1934 Bronze colored Walnuts were first discovered , the result of melanin walnut cross with Siskin .
1944 - 1952 and Marcel Smet Gustave Ciouta is an expert breeder walnut color , but have not found diingankan intensity of the color red . In the 1960s , Hoffman La Roche created a product to mengintensitaskan yolk color to the livestock industry ( Roxanthin Red - 10 ) . This product will be used in 1964 by the canary breeders to obtain the desired coloring in red canary .

1949 Opal color mutations obtained from a pair of Harzer Roller Rosner farm in Furth , Germany .
1950 Among the captive bred canaries P.J. Helder in Holland Rose visible mutation of a pair of red canaries . In 1960 , Ivory appeared at Willi Robner farms in Germany .
(see also: jenis burung kenari )

Melanin Pastel Colors 1959 first look of a pair of canary color Red Isabel belongs Brockmayer from Netherlands .

1960 Color dimorphic ( Mosaic ) appeared in Italy , born from crosses of red walnut with Gloster .
1965 Mutation Phaeo color visible from the farm Kuppens in Brussels , Belgium .
1966 Mutation - wing looks gray in Italy .
1967 Mutation Satinette color seen in Argentina from the farm Primitivo Calderón and two years later was found in France .
1981 Mutation Eumo color appears in Van Haaf farm in Holland .
1985 Topaz color mutation was discovered by farmers and refined by Mario Ascheri , in
1993 finally recognized by C.O.M. ( Confederation Ornithologique Mondial / World Ornithological Confederation )
1986 Onyx color mutation seen in Valencia , Spain at the ranch Beliver Brothers .
1994 Cobalt color mutation seen in Werner Karl farms in Germany .

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The pine shoot / Bird finches reads ... cut the song " Bird finches " Mother Soed work reminds me of a bird `s life , especially in big cities such as Jakarta . In the middle of the height of buildings , noise , and air pollution , I still find cucak birds finches or commonly called finches ( Pycnonotus aurigaster ) . Finches have a special feature that is the crown on the head and the upside-down yellow orange . Finches can we find the rest of the city , seperta roads, settlements , forests and city parks . I`ve found that finches fly in the middle of a crash , near Pasar Senen , Central Jakarta. see also: Vitamin Burung
Finches live in clusters. These birds are often found on the dendritic tree Ficus glomerata lo . The reason why this bird could have a large enough population for seasonal fecundity / wedding of the year. Therefore, spread wide enough covering almost the whole of Southeast Asia , except for a reddish- colored finches Malaysia.Telur jambuan speckled purple and gray. In the case of food , they will eat insects or fruit .
However , in some areas finches considered a pest by farmers because often pierce fruits like papaya . Instead , these birds can also benefit because they prey on insects that can damage farm revenue . Another uniqueness of this bird is going to fly when it remove dirt from the profusion of water content in the body . It aims to meringakan bird`s body at the time of service. Beware the consequences ulahnya , the stain could fall on our heads !
see also: Vitamin Burung Cendet
By the dry season , the trees are usually pruned so that the leaves do not sully the road . Therefore, we find the finches would be difficult because it`s stems and twigs of perch decreases. However , if the stems and leaves of plants and trees are lush , finches will come back . Although currently not classified as finches protected birds and endangered , but hunting and getting fewer trees could cause them to go from Jakarta . Therefore, we should keep finches habitat . Do not let our children just listen to the song " Bird finches " without ever saw fly between them .


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Peneliti Malaysia dari pilot scoring latar belakang , awak pesawat dan staf darat bekerja pada penerbangan Malaysia Airlines MH370 hilang untuk mengetahui bidang tanah yang kabur , mungkin ribuan mil jauhnya , kata sheriff .
( see also : Obat burung )
Pemeriksaan latar belakang penumpang masih kosong , tidak semua orang dari berbagai negara di pesawat perjalanan untuk menjawab permintaan informasi , kata kepala polisi Khalid Abu Bakar dalam jumpa pers , Minggu ( 16/3 ) .
Jet Boeing 777 - 200ER pesawat menghilang tanpa jejak sejak menghilang pada tanggal 8 Maret dengan membawa 239 penumpang dan awak di dalamnya dan oleh para peneliti diperkirakan dijalankan oleh seseorang yang tahu bagaimana untuk menghentikan komunikasi dan sistem pelacakan .
Malaysia memiliki paparan pesan dari puluhan negara-negara lain dan meminta bantuan internasional dalam menemukan pesawat dengan jangkauan yang membentang dari pantai Laut Kaspia ke selatan menuju Samudra Hindia .
"Pencarian Regional menjadi luas , " kantor Menteri Komunikasi Hishamuddin Hussein .
" Dari kabupaten berdasarkan dangkal , sekarang kita melihat ke dalam sebuah band yang lebih luas meliputi tanah di 11 negara dan dalam alut dalam dan terisolasi . "
Pihak berwenang Malaysia percaya bahwa setelah pesawat melintasi pantai timur laut negara itu menuju Teluk Thailand , salah satu saluran komunikasi dan peawat off pesawat dengan tajam pos barat .
Sinyal elektronik yang terhubung beberapa kali dengan satelit menunjukkan kemungkinan pesawat masih terbang hampir tujuh jam kemudian di luar jangkauan radar militer Malaysia .
Fuel on board ditebar cukup untuk terbang sekitar 7,5 sampai delapan jam , menurut kepala Malaysia Airlines Jauhari Yahya .
Malaysia untuk menampilkan duta besar dari 22 negara pada kelanjutan dari penelitian dan kerjasama internasional untuk membantu menemukannya .
" Pertemuan itu untuk membuat kita memahami apa yang terjadi dan apa bantuan yang dibutuhkan . ` S Selama mereka meminta kita untuk ` tolong kerahkan semua kekuatan , " kata TS Trimurti , Komisaris Tinggi dari India ke Malaysia , kepada Reuters .
( see also : obat burung biar gacor )
Perdana Menteri Malaysia Razak juga panggilan Nadjib timpalannya dari India , Manmohan Singh untuk mencari bantuan dari India sedang mempertimbangkan kemungkinan jet melintasi India , kata juru bicara Kementerian Luar Negeri India .

Sumber : http://www . merdeka . com /

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Conflicts between animals and humans do with mastery of the region are also common in Borneo . The reason is the same , diokupansi land . The story also looks like a wildlife refuge imaging jargon , do not need much to talk about conservation of habitat , poaching and sale of wildlife and wildlife products are protected continue to happen .
(see also: pakan burung)
Wildlife habitat are all factors of the natural environment that supports the existence of animals to be able to survive and proliferate . The existence of animals in a particular area also indicates the quality and state of the region , known as bio- indicator species . Examples of house mice ( Hundred hundred ) will not be found in natural forests , as well as forest rats ( Leopoldamys sabanus ) will never be found at home or around the population .
All have functions in accordance with the conditions and the capacity to continue to happen ecological balance . If there is interference on one factor , it will affect other factors that adaptation will occur , or occur and the ecological imbalance or missing altogether ( extinct ) . So if we want to talk about biodiversity is actually no direct effect on the habitat , but instead the existence of habitat influence on biodiversity . The trend is different habitat types will also be populated by different species .
By animal protection legislation is unfortunately not followed by habitat protection . Habitat protection is not explicitly stated in the legislation , but is often translated as conservation and protected areas , in the form of protected forests and conservation forests . So as if the wildlife is protected if it is in forest conservation and protection .
But the problem is , animals do not know the limits of the status of the forest so many animals found outside the two regions , as in the concession area of forest concessions ( HPH ) , plantations , mining and settlement opened in forested areas . Factors money and economic development in a short time , as well as MP3EI will beat everything including the benefit of wildlife .
Actually, the issue of how important wildlife habitat and is the nation `s economy that is being built is in full swing . Classical knowledge states that concern for the animals over to the ethics ( including religious orders ) , and wildlife in the natural ecological function as seed dispersers and others who did not seem very interesting to talk about the current generation is thick with the smell of things instant .
But recent developments , the issue has been entered in the politics of wildlife conservation that can affect international trade politics . Environmental issues can affect the economy of a country , such as the boycott of oil products , certified wood , to carbon trading .
Although full of intrigue and cargo capitalist , but this environmental issue open discourse that international relations can also be affected by the preservation of wildlife and the environment . Our memories are still fresh when Indonesian palm products boycotted by the main buyers of oil world because there is a demonstration of Unilever Indonesia palm oil plantation located in a conservation area , or demonstration cancellation Euro 2012 football party for the host country to kill stray dogs for the convenience of organizing the blue continental football party . Or how about a Hollywood actress Pamela Anderson action nan who choose not to dress sensual than having to wear clothes from animal skins . Or how so strong pressure on Japan from western countries because of hunting dolphins and whales .
Therefore, the animals no longer just the issue of biodiversity, habitat conservation and protection, but has become part of the global issues that may affect the relationship between countries that ultimately affect the economy .
There is nothing wrong with building if done wisely . Minimize the environmental impact is the main target of any development project . But it must be done with care . Indonesian rich country that never shortage of smart people . Pay attention and give priority to the interests of wildlife ecology and economic investment is unusually large for the current generation even more so for generations to come .
(see also: pakan burung kacer)
Our country can do even more than anyone expectations and any country in the world , because we have everything . Indonesian Borneo with not just have " a million lakes " , but we should also know that Indonesia has " a billion hearts " . Freedom!
source:http://www. profauna .org/

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Facebook terminate email@facebook.com . Because the email was not widely used .( see also: lomba burung )

" Most people do not use their email@facebook.com , " a Facebook spokesman said the company`s official blog , as reported by The Verge Tuesday 25 February 2014. Facebook will tell to all users and expect the user to turn off forwarding feature that appears by default .

Facebook has introduced its email service in November 2010 ago with hopes of much use to receive emails and messages . Unfortunately , this mission is not accomplished . Not many users using the Facebook email .
Most likely not too happy with the user interface Facebook email , unfamiliar and difficult to use . Facebook Email not even provide CC , BCC and column headings as in the general mail page .

Facebook email feature also rarely updated and even cause problems . In June 2012 the past , highlighting Facebok email@facebook.com address on the profile of this email , but instead hide the email address. Actually, this step aims to restore user profiles empty list which email address was designed privacy . But the result , Facebook thinks users want support besutannya email service other than email .( see also: lomba burung dara )

Services email@facebook.com also relatively accessible by other users . Users can access the main one`s email inbox by sending an email to the address email@facebook.com . It makes uncomfortable . ( umi )


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Samsung Galaxy S4 dan iPhone 6 merupakan kompetitor abadinya yang selalu dibanding-bandingkan bahkan sebelum kedua smartphone ini melenggang ke pasaran.
(baca juga: harga paket liburan ke bali)
Namun, tahukah Anda jika Samsung Galaxy S5 dan iPhone 6 akan memiliki satu kesamaan dari segi tampilan?
Dilansir VR-Zone (12/2), baik Samsung Galaxy S5 maupun Apple iPhone 6 akan hadir di pasaran dengan mengusung bezel tipis bahkan permukaan depan kedua smartphone ini terlihat hanya akan dipenuhi layar sentuh (edge-to-edge display).
Selain membawa tampilan bezel tipis, Galaxy S5 nantinya juga akan hadir di pasaran dengan mengusung bodi aluminium, bukan plastik seperti bodi Galaxy S4, layaknya perangkat iPhone. Hal ini membuat Galaxy S5 nantinya tidak kalah mewah dan elegan dibanding iPhone 6 buatan Apple.
Namun tetap, meski memiliki kesamaan dari segi tampilan, akan tetapi kedua perusahaan tetap akan menyematkan teknologi serta fitur berbeda sebagai senjata andalan di pasaran.
(baca juga: paket liburan ke bali)
Kira-kira smartphone manakah yang bakal berjaya di pasar gadget 2014 ini? Galaxy S5 atau iPhone 6? Bagaimana menurut Anda?

Source: http://www.merdeka.com/

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